Welcome, internets!

18 11 2009

Welcome to everyone who has come here after hearing about the protest. That pretty much covers every visitor to this site.

This site is currently running rather low on content. I plan on updating over the coming weeks with more viewpoints and research in to the matter. Have a read through this news page for some views that may not make it in to separate pages.

As mentioned, I am a professional game programmer. I’ve been planning on holding a protest for weeks. I’ve recently found myself unemployed, which has basically given me the time and incentive to put my plans in to overdrive.

Here’s hoping we can actually make a difference.


Protest on the 5th of December

18 11 2009

It's a protest!

A new events category has been added, and a page for the first protest has been added. Check it out!

Atkinson’s Letter

18 11 2009

I have read the letter Atkinson sent out to gamers earlier this week. What I haven’t decided yet is whether to write up a response now, or save what I have in mind for the protest.

Left 4 Dead 2

18 11 2009

For all those who purchased Left 4 Dead 2 via Steam, I must point out that the point of sale for that transaction is in Washington, United States. As such, you should demand that you be delivered the uncensored version. It is not illegal to sell the complete version in that State.

For all those who purchased Left 4 Dead 2 via an Australian retail store, be it for Xbox 360 or PC, you’ll have to live with the censored version.

Refused Classification Demystified

18 11 2009

I’ve added a page that explains many things you may not have known about classification laws, in particular the legality of owning Refused Classification content. It has been added as a link at the top of this site.


17 11 2009

Over 90% of adults in Australia are in favour of an R18 rating implemented for video games. So, what’s this X18+ business that I’ve got up at the top of the page?

I’m firmly of the belief that if we are to bring the video game classification in line with the film classification system that we should do the job properly first time. An X18+ rating exists for movies, and subsequently an X18+ rating should exist for games.

How many of you have played pornographic games in your lifetime? It’s certainly not a new thing. There have been countless incarnations of strip poker over the years for example. The older amongst you would remember games such as Stroker and Girls They Want To Have Fun on the Commodore 64. There are certainly earlier examples out there. A quick Google search will bring up many sites offering adult games that you can play in your web browser.

While creating X rated games does not interest me professionally, there is no denying that there is a market for them. As long as there are humans, and as long as we feel the need to engage in the act of coitus, there will always be demand for pornographic material.

I am also among those who find it deeply ironic that while the act of death can be portrayed in G rated material, the act of creating life will fetch an M rating or higher depending on how explicit the act is.


17 11 2009

Welcome to Treat Us Like Adults. I have created this site as a central place to go to for all updates on my efforts to get a real discussion happening for overhauling the video gaming rating system.

To this end, I aim to educate anyone who reads this site about what the current ratings system means for everyone and what its limitations and exploitations are. However, a website is not enough. While there is a strong online gaming community, not everyone who plays games partakes in the community. To that end, I aim to get word out on the street. First up in this plan is a protest which I will let everyone know about within the next day.

You may be wanting to know who I am. What difference is another person talking about R18+ for games?

My name is Ethan Watson. I have been a professional game developer for seven years, and was an aspiring game developer for many years before that. I am of the opinion that the lack of a reasonable rating system limits the artistic growth of the medium in this country. I have games in mind that I want to make that, by the standards applied for other mediums, would have to be refused classification due to thematic content that falls exclusively in the R category. While this means nothing for getting the game abroad, I would like to be able to sell my own games in my home country.

Keep an eye on this space.