Facebook event

18 11 2009

I’ve set up a Facebook event for the protest. Spread the word around!


Protest on the 5th of December

18 11 2009

It's a protest!

A new events category has been added, and a page for the first protest has been added. Check it out!

Atkinson’s Letter

18 11 2009

I have read the letter Atkinson sent out to gamers earlier this week. What I haven’t decided yet is whether to write up a response now, or save what I have in mind for the protest.

Refused Classification Demystified

18 11 2009

I’ve added a page that explains many things you may not have known about classification laws, in particular the legality of owning Refused Classification content. It has been added as a link at the top of this site.


17 11 2009

Welcome to Treat Us Like Adults. I have created this site as a central place to go to for all updates on my efforts to get a real discussion happening for overhauling the video gaming rating system.

To this end, I aim to educate anyone who reads this site about what the current ratings system means for everyone and what its limitations and exploitations are. However, a website is not enough. While there is a strong online gaming community, not everyone who plays games partakes in the community. To that end, I aim to get word out on the street. First up in this plan is a protest which I will let everyone know about within the next day.

You may be wanting to know who I am. What difference is another person talking about R18+ for games?

My name is Ethan Watson. I have been a professional game developer for seven years, and was an aspiring game developer for many years before that. I am of the opinion that the lack of a reasonable rating system limits the artistic growth of the medium in this country. I have games in mind that I want to make that, by the standards applied for other mediums, would have to be refused classification due to thematic content that falls exclusively in the R category. While this means nothing for getting the game abroad, I would like to be able to sell my own games in my home country.

Keep an eye on this space.