The Discussion Paper Has Been Released

14 12 2009

It finaly happened. The paper is out there.

I will be submitting to the discussion. Limiting what I have to say to 250 words may be a challenge considering I’ve already run a protest over the matter. Regardless, you’ll hear my comments here first before they land in a Government inbox.

Download the submission template and send in your own views on the matter.




One response

16 02 2010

ZedGames, Brisbane’s new all-gaming radio programme is running a 30 minute feature on the R18+ videogames debate this Wednesday 17th February at 6:15 PM AEST. The show will provide an in-depth look at the issue and also provide commentary on the discussion paper and submission form. Guests on the program include Nicolas Suzor (Chairperson, Electronic Frontiers Australia) and David Doe (Founder, Gamers4Croydon). Brisbane residents should tune in to 4ZZZ (102.1FM) at 6PM; or the show can be streamed online from .

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