9 12 2009

Pokies. The paradox of Australia. Video poker machines are the scourge of the pub, the oppressor of live music. RSL clubs and pubs down here will expand simply so that they can open up a new room full of poker machines.

Gambling in Australia is illegal for those under 18. This, by definition, makes video poker machines restricted to adults.

By all definitions, video poker machines are video games. They run on computers and are interactive and define a set of rules by which you can win or lose a game. You’d think that the lack of an R18+ rating for video games would mean that these games would be refused classification and thus not be allowed in Australia. As it stands, they operate under a completely different set of laws.

What message exactly is the Government trying to send here? Are they saying it’s alright for Australians to play games aimed at adults if there’s a healthy revenue stream coming in? In my mind, any argument from an Australian politician concerning their fears of what video games are capable of is null and void while they still get income from these machines via taxes.

If our politicians are going to be against adult games, they could at least try not being hypocritical about it.




2 responses

15 12 2009
Mush Man

This is a point that I never considered before. I appreciate that you’ve given so much thought to this issue!

(Also, beware of spelling mistakes! “opressor” is missing a p and “arument” is missing the g!)

15 12 2009

Thank ye for the proofing. Updated the post so it doesn’t look so unprofessional.

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