Last Satuday’s Rally

9 12 2009

The rally exceeded pretty much everyone’s expectations. We had a turn out of around 60 to 70 people. I (Ethan) gave a talk, as did Nic Suzor, chairman of the EFA. I will create a few articles/posts covering some of the points I raised in detail.

An attendee filmed the rally and uploaded it. I have two other copies sitting on my hard drive that need to be uploaded.

Good start, everyone. As I mentioned, just keep getting the word out there. I will let everyone know about my next event sometime in the near future.




One response

15 12 2009
Mush Man

Massive kudos for getting out there and presenting!

However, I feel that your tone throughout (if it’s the same tone you used in the first ten minutes) wasn’t pationate enough. This is an issue that I absolutely agree needs explaining because the general public doesn’t understand enough, thus, I can understand the tone you used. But I feel that if you took a passionate tone, you’d garner more attention.
People would look over in curiosity to find out what you were expressing so passionately to the crowd. The changes in audible dynamics as you switch between issues will surely catch some others’ attention who had phased out the noise into the background. This will hold your audience’s attention for longer because, not only are the issues you are talking about really interesting, but you SOUND interesting as well.

Keep up the good work. If you ever hold a rally in Victoria, I will make a great effort to attend. If time is on my side as well, I would even love to help present (and collaborate notes with you to ensure accuracy!).

I have also sent a message to GetUp! They are fighting internet censorship, and I feel that, with their help, we can give this issue greater exposure.

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