Help Get The Discussion Paper Released

9 12 2009

Talking online about the R18+ debacle is one thing. Email is roughly on the same level.

Snail mail, though, is still taken seriously. It implies more thought and care has gone in to what you have to say than just quickly typing up a post on the internet and pressing send. That’s how society works at the moment.

As such, you should write snail mail to the Hon Brendan O’Connor MP, Minister for Home Affairs, and request that the discussion paper for an R18+ rating be released.

Again, the usual modus operandi when a website asks you to send a letter is to provide one that you can print out and send. I won’t be doing that. Rather, I encourage you to write out your own request and mail that. I can only see multiple separate responses going over better than a canned response sent 100 times.




2 responses

13 12 2009
Bob Bain

Why should the appeal be made to Brenda O’Connor ?

The short answer to this is that the person who proposed a discussion paper regarding an R18+ rating for computer games was the former minister for Home Affairs Bob Debus. When Bob Debus decided to leave the front bench -and eventually the political arena (he’s not contesting the next election)- Brendan O’Connor became Minister for Home Affairs.

Unlike the previous Liberal government where the censorship minister was clearly identifed as the Federal Attorney General, under the current government Bob Debus as Minister for Home Affairs took responsibility for censorship related issues.

As far as I can tell the Minister for Home Affairs takes responsibility for censorship related issues in the Federal Government.

10 12 2009

which address should the snail mail be sent to?

PO Box 6022
Parliament House
Canberra ACT 2600


900A Old Calder Highway

Also, why should we be appealing to this guy in particular? What is his role in the release of an R18+ discussion paper?

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