Modern Warfare 2 doesn’t need reclassification

23 11 2009

So, Atkinson is to appeal the MW2 classification after all.

I’m all for applying the same standards for classification to all media. With this in mind, I ask: what exactly would cause the game to not be rated MA15?

Is it violent? Yes, but can you say it’s more violent than Saving Private Ryan?

Is it bloody? Yes, but can you say it’s more bloody than District 9?

Is it graphic? Yes, but can you say it’s more graphic than Children of Men?

Is it confronting? Yes, but can you say it’s more confronting than Elephant?

I have used four movies rated MA15+ in Australia as examples. These films are available on DVD and can be purchased just as freely as MA15+ rated video games. I have played Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 thoroughly and I can honestly say that this game has not been more violent, bloody, graphic, or confronting than those movies.

It saddens me that more time and money will be spent by the Government on this game than is necessary. Perhaps the collective “I told you so” from the general public after the game has been reclassified MA15+ will make Mr Atkinson pause and rethink. More likely though, it will turn him against the Classification Review Board as well. The fight may be about to get harder, ladies and gentlemen.




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2 12 2009

I think you are missing the point, the point of an R18+ rating should be so that a game rater R overseas is rated R here too. Sure MW2 might warrant an R rating, but is the OFLC willing to ban the game which has smashed every sales record for every form of media in recorded history in the world?

at least 50% of M15 rated games on the shelf in Australia today are rated R18 overseas – so who’s thinking of the children now, Mr. Atkinson?

2 12 2009

I think you’re missing my point. Different countries have different standards. Trying to compare our standards to another country’s can be like trying to compare apples and oranges depending on the country you pick.

Rather than going for that argument, I’m simply using the standards of our own country. As you can see, there’s a gross inconsistency between MA15+ for movies and what Atkinson seems to think should be Refused Classification for games.

24 11 2009

24 11 2009

I think you may have missed the point dude, he was just bringing out certain individual aspects of those particular movies – Let’s face it, Saving Private Ryan is bloody, confronting, graphic AND violent. And i’m pretty sure in the opening beach sequence of Saving Private Ryan, surrendering german soldiers get blown away, as does Michael Cain’s character in Children of Men – a civillian… These are merely examples.

You see, the whole point of this is that immature KIDS have these games taken out of their hands! KIDS should not be playing ADULT games, and as ADULTS with decent sense of judgement, we should be allowed access to them.

We deserve, as adults, to have the same rights as the rest of the world, and our rights are being suppressed by certain puritannical “o, shall somebody think of the little children!” people – When again, the entire point of the R18+ rating is that their access to these games is culled.

24 11 2009

I think the fact that is is a combination of all of the above and interactive makes it worse than the movies you listed. You are comparing individual aspects of a game to individual movies. That is like saying that my car shouldn’t be classified as a V8 since I have the same tailpipe that the 4 cylinder beetle has. Just saying.

And the fact that the game actively allows you to kill innocent civilians is also a big minus. I know plenty of immature kids that when they realised that nothing happens just started shooting everyone for fun.

I am trying to play devil’s advocate here but your argument is just not very good.

24 11 2009

Belial’s on the ball there. I can change the words preceding each example around and make the same point.

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