In case you missed it…

22 11 2009

I left a link to a petition for the introduction of R18+ games to Queensland legislation in the events page. I’ve seen it mentioned around enough that I realised I should have made it more visible in the first place.

My own personal view on the matter is to sign it. As it’s a Queensland legislation petition, you need to be a Queenslander to do so.

However, the fact that it’s being done at the state level is unfortuante. Queensland is the state that still has a ban on Category 1 and 2 Restricted print media. While I started Treat Us Like Adults with the intention of getting the gaming classification system overhauled, that is by no means the only thing I’m interested in. I’m of the opinion that a complete reform of the system should be made, and that all media should fall under the same classification system and guidelines. I am also for taking power away from the States to create and enforce additional legislature to the classification system . It is unfair to the citizens of our country that people in one state can’t read, watch, or play the same material as other states.

My hope is that if the petition is successful, this schism will be higlighted and acted upon.




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24 11 2009

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