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18 11 2009

Welcome to everyone who has come here after hearing about the protest. That pretty much covers every visitor to this site.

This site is currently running rather low on content. I plan on updating over the coming weeks with more viewpoints and research in to the matter. Have a read through this news page for some views that may not make it in to separate pages.

As mentioned, I am a professional game programmer. I’ve been planning on holding a protest for weeks. I’ve recently found myself unemployed, which has basically given me the time and incentive to put my plans in to overdrive.

Here’s hoping we can actually make a difference.



7 responses

20 11 2009

To be honest if it turns into a zombie rally i probably wont go. :p

21 11 2009

To be quite honest, I’m tempted to say “Neither will I” if everyone does the zombie thing. There’s so much more to this issue than a bunch of undead violence being banned from sale, and I don’t want to send out the wrong message.

19 11 2009

How many people do you expect will appear at the protest?

Also, why Brisbane? Wouldn’t Adelaide make more sense, given we know who our real opponent is?

19 11 2009

In Australia, most game development is concentrated to two cities – Brisbane and Melbourne. As a game programmer living in Brisbane, it’s a hotspot to get industry attention as well as a fair amount of public attention.

As you will note by refreshing the front page, I’ve invited Mr Atkinson to attend my rally. I am also trying to get in contact with other significant people.

I really don’t know how big the rally will be. I’m hitting the streets hard when the flyers come back from the printer. The entire point of this rally is to raise awareness of the issue outside of the internet. I’m hoping those in Brisbane that learn of this event don’t decide to avoid it because no one will be there. In fact, it may be an idea for me to whip up some kind of registration of interest page beyond a Facebook event.

19 11 2009

I admit, that’s my fear.

A suggestion culled from the ABC message boards: If protesters want, come dressed up as zombies. The idea of a horde of sad zombies with placards is a good one for the media to bite on. (Pardon the pun.) And of course, it’s a nice touchstone given the symbol L4D2 has become.

19 11 2009

It has occured to me that if Brisbane can get 5000 people dressing up like zombies, surely we could get a significant turnout for this rally.

However, Left 4 Dead 2 isn’t the focus of my arguments. By all means, the zombies can join in though. They’re affected by this too.

19 11 2009

Hi, i’ve added this site to my favourites. Will check back and see if this develops any interest. Am keen though.

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